Roses, the usual Valentines Day gifts. Use these unique ideas for married couples to celebrate Valentines instead and enjoy a memorable Valentines this year

Unique Valentine Ideas for Married Couples

Aww, Valentines Day. It seems you either love it or you hate it. But one things for sure, if you have a spouse you need these unique Valentine ideas for married couples. The normal chocolates and lacy little number just don’t cut it every year. Well, maybe just the chocolates don’t cut it! 😉

Skip the Greeting Card

Confession – I trash cards. I mean, other than hoarding them in some scrapbook, what in the world are you supposed to do with them?! Maybe I’m just too practical. Not a rom-com fan. Not a greeting card fan. Sound familiar? Maybe this is you too. Odds are, this is also most men!!

In His book Love & Respect, Dr. Emmerson Eggerichs speaks on how women want to feel loved and men want to feel respected. Respect can be a hard concept for a wife to grasp. I think that’s kind of his point, right? But here’s a tip – think thankfulness. Take the time to write a letter of appreciation to your husband. Tell him everything that you appreciate about him. What good qualities does he have? What talents do you adore? What does he do for you that makes you feel well taken care of and loved? If you’d like some help getting the thoughts rolling, check out The Art of Appreciation.

Surprise Lunch

My husband works in a local hospital. This means he either gets a five pound taco salad in the upstairs cafe or wastes his half hour lunch waiting in a line twelve deep for a hamburger. It’s hit or miss. What does your man do for lunch?

Order Steak Express or another restaurant that will deliver lunch as a surprise to your honey at work. Bite Squad, Favor, or Grubhub will pick up from any restaurant. Just make sure (slyly) that he doesn’t already have a lunch meeting or an abnormal schedule that day.

For many men, a major part of their purpose lies in their career and they take it very seriously. A surprise Valentines Day lunch is a great way to uniquely celebrate the holiday and acknowledge how hard he works to provide for you.

Sexy Jenga

This unique Valentines idea for married couples is for after you put the baby down to bed. Annnnd I can’t guarantee your hubs won’t want to start a regular game night! Buy a second Jenga set. This one isn’t going to be for the neighborhood game night. This is a one man/one woman game for laughter and fun. Have a glass of wine or pep talk yourself up (some of us need that to relax!). Write down something sexy or romantic on about half of the pieces. Ideas include:

  • remove (article of clothing)
  • both retell your first date from each unique perspective
  • your partner closes their eyes. kiss a surprise area of their body
  • tongue tease your husbands ear
  • both answer: your biggest turn on
  • put something edible on your partner and lick it off
  • kiss for 15 seconds without stopping
  • answer: your favorite memory together

Go Back in Time

Recreate your first date. Was it going to see a rom-com at the theatre and smooching in the parking lot? Chinese food with chopsticks and shared entrees? Try to remember all the sweet specific details and relive that night that started it all! Separate to get ready so you don’t see each other until you’re a “finished product”.

TIP: Don’t expect your man to remember all the little details that you do! This is just setting a trap for disappointment. This unique Valentines Day date is to do something special together, not test his memory of all the fine deets.

Naked Netflix

Do you have a tv in the bedroom? We don’t but every now and then we’ll move it from the living room and put it on our bedroom dresser. It makes a movie in bed together something special rather than the tv being on in the bedroom an every night occurrence. So for Valentines, move the tv into the bedroom, strip down naked, curl up under the blankets together, and start one of your all time favorites as a couple. Spend a couple of hours physically close, completely exposed to each other, and simply enjoy being with each other.

Have a man that can’t go an hour and half naked in bed with you? 😉 Consider a little rendezvous before the opening credits. If you are a low libido partner, read Staying Engaged in the Bedroom for helpful tips to initiate with and enjoy your man this Valentines Day.

Special touches could include candlelight, his favorite movie (I mean, what man wouldn’t want to watch Robocop on Valentines LOL?!), theatre candy, or even chocolate covered strawberries.

Special Spa Night

Buy a few scented candles, rose petals, and a fancy lotion or massage oil. Dim the lights, light all the candles, and spread rose petals on the floor. Put some relaxing music on low volume. Turn your bedroom into a parlor and give each other neck, back, and shoulder…well, you get it…full body massages. You can play it up as a precursor to intimacy or be upfront that there’s no pressure regarding sex and you just want to spoil him. Just be aware that men are hypersensitive to touch and their physical reaction will most likely be arousal.

A Twist on Dinner & Dessert

Sip your favorite wines in the kitchen while you cook dinner together. Crank up the tunes. Our personal fav is Sinatra. 😉 Dinner can be a new recipe, your favorite dinner, or something simple. Just enjoy the act of cooking together with fitting music and a good wine. Have appetizers while you cook. Sing and dance in the kitchen.

Eat by candle light with the music turned down to a background level. Then for dessert dip fruit in melted chocolate and feed it to each other.

Love Languages

Of course, different people speak and hear love differently so take into account your man’s love language. My love language is physical touch so holding hands or wrapping his arm around me give me all the feels. My man is a gift giver. Showing up with a thoughtful, unexpected gift that I know he’s been wanting speaks volumes to him and makes him feel loved. Do you know your spouse’s love language?

To figure yours out, visit 5lovelanguages.com. Then check out these practical ways to speak it.


A Unique Valentines Day

I’m sorry but I get tired of seeing the same old Valentines gifts. Chocolates, cards, roses, stuffed animals?! Ummm, if you’re married you’re not 10 years old. I dare you to show me a married couple that has stuffed animals! Nope. These unique Valentine ideas for married couples range from down and dirty to low-key which is exactly what today’s busy couple needs! You could even schedule a full day using a combo of these ideas. When everyday is an amazing experience of God’s grace that you get to live with this amazing man He gave you – yeah, we don’t need one day a year to celebrate our love, huh?

Happy Valentines to you & yours!

Lauren Monsey founder of Truly Devoted to Him

To get to know me better, read about me and my saved love.

Roses and Unique Valentine Ideas for Married Couples. Spice up the holiday with these unique ideas for Valentine's Day

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