Top Ten List - 10 Reasons to Be Good to Your Mother-in-Law as a Daughter-in-Law

Top Ten Reasons to Be Good to Your Mother-in-Law

Marriage is one woman, one man leaving their mothers and fathers and becoming one, right? Well, yeah. But God doesn’t ship either of your in-laws off to the Bermuda Triangle. So, without further ado – here is your top ten list for “tonight” (miss you Dave Letterman!).

Drumroll please….

#10 – She’s going to be buying your holiday gifts. Do you want that cute boutique scarf or yet another candle, huh? πŸ˜‰

#9 – free babysitting. ba-dum-chssh.

#8 – You might be surprised to find you can have fun together. Try to find something you have in common and go from there. 

#7 – That woman molded him into the man he has become by devoting years of caring, teaching, providing, nurturing, and disciplining him.

#6 – The way you treat your mother-in-law will speak volumes about you to the extended family. Extended family will either love you or will talk crap about you behind your back. Your choice.

#5 – I’m not saying this will work 100% (it doesn’t for me) but remember that your children will stay at Grandma’s house at some point. The more she likes you, the less you’ll have to worry what they’re doing there that you don’t let them do at home πŸ˜‰ A third Dr. Pepper anyone?

#4 – Your husband, no matter how much he insists he doesn’t, has a certain special place in his heart for his mother. Awww.

#3 – Showing respect to your mother-in-law is showing respect to your husband. Think about the shoe on the other foot. You’d take it personally if he treated your mom like crap.

#2 – Your hubs will undoubtedly take on some characteristics of his mother. Don’t cringe. Don’t be in denial. It will happen.

#1 – It makes you a good wife because it’s loving your husband.

Did you ever hear that cliche term “You marry the whole family”? Well, sorry. It’s true. But just keep telling yourself this – after years of marriage to this man of yours you will grow to appreciate, even cherish, your in-laws. There’s your mush for the day! πŸ˜‰

Good luck daughter-in-law!

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Since the in-laws don't get shipped off to the Bermuda Triangle after the wedding, enjoy this Top 10 List. Top Ten Reasons to be Good to your Mother-in-Law. Good luck girl!
Paying homage to David Letterman, here's your Top Ten Reasons to be Good to Your Mother-in-Law. Ba-dum-chssh.

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