Make Your Husband Smile by Sending These Text Messages

Fun Text Messages for Him – Quick Messages to Your Man to Make Him Smile

Awww, the honeymoon phase. Definition? The early stage in a relationship where everything seems absolutely perfect when you’re together. You’re so euphoric that people looking from the outside in are wondering what you’re both on. 

Then sometime after the wedding everyday life gets the best of you and you’re no longer glued to each other every possible second. It’s ok! You can still send your hunk-of-burning-love (uh huh…remember the honeymoon phase nicknames?) a fun text message to make him smile while the two of you are apart.

Here are 25 quick messages to rekindle the playfulness of the honeymoon phase! Send one today and let your Mr. know you can’t stop thinking about him!

Text Messages FOR YOUR MR.

Thank you for working so hard to provide a great life for us

Can’t quit thinking about how sexy your smile is 😉

Who dat hot guy

What would you like the evening to look like my love?

You. Me. Back massage after work.

Thinking about you lookin all hot in your  ___________ (scrubs, hard hat, tie & jacket, uniform)


______________ (place of employment) is seriously lucky to have you

Thank you for doing _______________ last night. That was really sweet of you!

You’re a wonderful man. I’m lucky to be yours

Maybe we can tangle up in each other tonight 😉

Thank you for the wonderful kiss before you left

I already miss you!

Currently bragging on my amazing husband 🙂

I love you and hope you have a great day at work!

Hey jfyi – you tha’ man!

You. Me. Dinner date.


Would you like a pot of coffee after your long day of hard work?

Remembered the joke you made yesterday & literally LOL! Getting strange looks at work hahaha

Can’t wait to kiss your face!

Told everybody about you doing ____________ the other day. They’re all jealous I have such a fantastic man 🙂

It’s your arm candy – wanna plan a date?


Totally craving time with you right now

How’d I end up so lucky to snag a guy like you? So thankful for you!

Have a great day babe – don’t forget to miss me! 😉

Having a hard time focusing – keep thinking about you and those sexy _________ (color) eyes

You now have almost a full month of text messages to send your schmoopy bear (oh, yeah, sorry) to make him smile. Pick one every so often and send it to him. Let him know that you still adore him!


man smiling at phone reading text message. 25 quick texts to send your husband to make him smile

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