easing Sunday morning frustrations fighting the enemy for your Sunday praise and worship

Easing Sunday Morning Frustrations; Fighting the Enemy for Your Sunday

Sunday Morning Frustrations

It’s Sunday morning. My husband has already been gone for an hour for band practice. It’s up to me to get up on time (something I’m not good at anyway), inhale the coffee…twice, wake the kids up, feed them, get them ready in something that actually matches (“No you can’t wear snow boots and a Nike tank top!”) and throw myself together to TRYYYY to be on time. It turns into a frenzy of frustration pretty quick lemme tell you! Before I know it, the kids are whining that they don’t wanna go to church because “it’s so boring!!!” (just rip my heart out why don’t ya?!), the waffles are burnt and I’m running a half hour late. WHY are Sunday mornings so hard?!

First world problems, huh?! 😉

The Enemy Wants to Steal Your Sunday

But still, it’s a question worth thinking about. Why do Sunday mornings seem to be such a bigger struggle to get up, get ready and get everyone to church on time all the while maintaining one of those moods that good christian women are always supposed to exuburate (yeah right)?! Why are Sunday morning frustrations like a medically diagnosable condition? I’ll tell you why. There’s an enemy!!! And that enemy is trying to steal our joy! One of the best ways to do that is to attack our Sunday mornings.

Any little wrench that can be thrown into the schedule will come flying in. Why? Because there is power in the name of Jesus and when we go to church we are gathering as the body of Christ to worship and grow closer to the Lord. And it’s one of the most powerful and dangerous things we can do! It’s like bootcamp for warriors and the enemy absolutely hates it. He’s going to put up a fight to steal our Sunday mornings. If he can distract us from our worship and frustrate our hearts with little things then he can weaken our training.


So how to you keep from getting to that point of cursing the pants that are just that much too tight, slamming the car door to drown out others’ griping and bawling about your mascara…or lack there of?

Hey, while we’re at it, download these bible verses to help with other everyday life situations. Print them out and post them where you need them most…like on the car dashboard! 😉

ok, back to winning that Sunday morning battle!

Prevent the Rush

I was amazed by some study notes that I ran across while reading Colossians. It said to quit rushing around on Sunday mornings but instead to be on the look out for things to be thankful for and offer praise for. Wow! It seems so simple, why have I not thought about this before? We all try to put the smile on and seem happy go lucky once we get to church. Why not start it first thing in the morning?! Instead of putting all that pressure on yourself to look your best, have a full face of makeup on and pull into the parking lot 5 minutes early, make the main priority putting forth effort to physically smile and recognize any little blessing, and the major ones.


We are lucky enough to get to gather in public and talk about how much we love Jesus. We don’t have to worry about someone breaking though the door to beat or arrest us. That is worthy of much praise!! We’re putting on a dress we were able to pay for and probably not that long ago either. When we praise God we allow our hearts to be filled with joy and our minds to focus on that gratefulness we guard ourselves and then the enemy isn’t able to steal our joy.

“Let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts.” Colossians 3:15

I sat down and explained this to my son. He gets easily frustrated and has an attitude anytime he has to get ready to go somewhere, especially somewhere he can’t wear athletic clothes to. It actually led to a discussion about baptism instigated by him and then, BAM!, we ended up having two that morning at church. And it just so happened to be family Sunday and he was in the service. God thing!

Drown Out the Enemy with Praises

Have you ever put on praise music when getting ready? I remember Beth Moore saying that she would put on loud Christian music and sing if her daughters started fussing while getting ready in the mornings. It diffused the frustrations because they couldn’t fuss louder than the praise LOL! In reality, the music seeped into their sweet teenage souls 😉 and they just couldn’t stay frustrated. Their perspective shifted. They figured out a solution before their joy was drained. Music does something to our brains to get us in the mood, whether that mood is adrenaline, relaxation, energy, or melancholy. Arm yourself against the enemy with music to keep your perspective and heart in a state of gratitude and happiness. And smile!

If You’re Gonna Fight on Sunday, Fight the Enemy

It’s easy to get frustrated in the morning. The alarm is blaring. Or maybe the coffee isn’t brewing fast enough. You’re already running late and the car is completely out of gas. The enemy can use so many different little annoyances to try to steal your Sunday. But we have our own arsenal! We can fight the enemy for our Sunday!! Slowing down, practicing thankfulness, and blaring praise are all weapons in easing Sunday morning frustrations. Remember, He’s already won over the enemy for you and given you what you need for the fight. You got this girl!

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  1. I love reading ur page! This one really hit home an made me start thinking! Sunday mornings do seem crazy at my house even when it’s just 2 of us, but not gonna let the enemy win! Thanks for sharing ur thoughts with us!

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