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Pray for Strength In Marriage

We pray for blessings. We pray for peace, prosperity, wisdom, love, forgiveness. How often do you pray for strength in your marriage?

A Test of Strength

One Easter my husband was ready to make the three hour drive home so he’d be able to get some good rest for his early morning shift the next day. Only problem? We’d just arrived at his grandmother’s house for lunch and the kids were looking forward to the egg hunt afterwards. I didn’t want to leave but I knew I needed to follow my husband. I also knew he had a logical, reasonable point to leave so I explained to each kid, one by one, when and why we were leaving. Of course they were heartbroken and E’s family got involved. Needless to say my hubs was not happy! Who would be?! He was angry and the kids were upset and I was in tears. He relented and we stayed.


His 70 something year old grandmother offered some heartfelt wisdom – pray for strength. She joked and warned not to pray for patience because then it will be tested. She’s always prayed for strength…because she didn’t want to go to jail for snapping and killing him! LOL!

Her light-heartedness didn’t discount her point though. This woman raised seven kids with a then alcoholic husband in a two bedroom house. My husband has his same temperament. The whole family jokes about it. But when my husband is upset and stone cold over something I find menial, its anything but funny. So, I pray for strength.

Aha! Moment

I’ve got news for you. Marriage is hard. 50% of couples give up because marriage is so hard. Living with another imperfect human being requires lots of strength. You’re not always going to see eye to eye. It’s really easy to focus on what your man is doing that aggravates you. You can perfectly see that it’s selfish to deprive the kids of a holiday tradition and make the family leave all the fun. But guess what? You can’t change your spouse. You can’t change his perspective (you can work on yours though). Now, you DO have to respectfully communicate, seeking to understand and then be understood but you can’t force him to think or feel or do anything!! The only person you can control is YOU and, yeah, sometimes that takes a LOT (like, a LOT) of strength.

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A Prayer for Strength

Father God, give me strength to endure the hard times of this marriage. I know that Your word tells me suffering produces endurance and endurance produces character. Give me strength to be the wife you would have me be to this man. It’s hard and I am weak. Show Your strength in my weakness. Help me give YOU glory in this relationship and be a godly wife even when I feel my husband is not being the spouse he should be. Thank you for this life and for this love. Amen.

Know that you’re not the only one praying for your marriage. Praying for you friend!

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