Creative Ideas for Flirting with Your Husband

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Remember the bliss of dating? The flirting? Your stomach fluttering when you saw him from a distance? The giggling? Now that you’re married, flirting with your husband should still be priority.

We can all recognize the young dating couple that’s crazy in love. The woman that notices your man in the store and flashes a smile or longer than necessary glance? Oh yeah, we for sure recognize that! To put it bluntly, there are women out there who are more than willing to flirt with your man. Are you still?

Why Should We Flirt?

Besides that obvious reason, are there other reasons we as wives should continue to flirt with our husbands? Flirting can be defined as making romantic advances towards a person. Romantic advances can be greatly beneficial for a marriage. No one will argue against that. Flirting with your husband promotes feeling a mutual attraction to each other. It makes you as a woman feel more attractive and builds your confidence. Flirting helps you connect with the man that you decided to spend the rest of your life with. And as if you needed another reason to flirt with him, it’s just flat out fun!

Flirting Methods

I asked several of my peeps (you are AHHHmazing btw) to join me in giving you ways to flirt. They shared how they flirt with their husband so you’re getting a vast array of ways to flirt. Pick the ones that feel natural for you. Or *gasp* go through the entire list and let us know which ones work best for your marriage. Get to it girl!! 😉

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  • Send a text saying, “Hey I miss you. Can we hang just us two?” This is a wonderfully straight forward way to flirt! ~Pru
  • Pru also has a playlist called “Sweet-one and I” and it has all the love songs they both love. Almost like a mutual flirting project. 😉 When she discovers new songs she sends the link to him. How sweet! Don’t know where to start? She suggests “Steady Love” by India Arie
  • Randomly write him a long letter. ~Pru
  • Sign up for an adventure!- Doing the things he likes to do gives a great opportunity to flirt with him. Joining him in the things that make him feel alive and happy puts him in his best mood. ~Kaitlin
  • Do some of the things you did when you dated – think through that. What did you do with him when you were dating that was actually his idea? We went to concerts, hung out with friends, played music together, went to parties, etc.
  • Susan is being bold and brave with, well, ssstexting her hubs – if you get my drift. They’re both having fun with it!
  • Leave notes on top of the coffee pot for him to find later. ~Nichole
  • Text promises of intimacy when he gets home. (Keep your promises!) ~Nichole
  • Laughter! Remember when you were dating and you absolutely adored the hunk?! Anything even remotely funny sparked that insane giggle. Try laughing and telling him how witty he is!
  • Let him catch you staring at him. When he notices you looking, give him that coy grin. “Ermawgosh he caught me staring! I’m so embarrassed! Teehee heehee” If he asks what? just tell him you’re thinking about how good looking he is or you’re just admiring him.
  • Scoot closer to him. At the restaurant, in the line, etc. Get IN his bubble! (said in my best Austin Powers impression)
  • Bite your lower or upper lip.
  • Sit in his lap.
  • Smile! Sometimes we get so caught up in the busyness of life and the TDL that we forget to smile. It’s one of the most attractive things we can wear and projects an image of a flirt. No man wants to flirt with a grouch.
  • Give him a wink – in private, in public, in the middle of a big group.
  • Send him a selfie. Especially effective flirting if you’re not normally a selfie taker.
  • Wear his favorite outfit and tell him in a positive way that you’re wearing it for him.
  • Wear one of his shirts on a lazy morning or when calling it an early night all snuggled up watching Prime Video (if you’re already a Prime member, why are you paying for Netflix?! If you’re not, umm, why not?!)
  • Wear a short dress and “accidentally” flash him a peek. 😉
  • Send him a flirtatious text (I’ve got an entire list of them here)
  • “Accidentally” brush against him in passing.
  • Play footsie with him in public.
  • Run your hand through his hair as you walk by.
  • Whistle at him. I do this almost every time my man steps out of the shower lol!
  • Squeeze his arm muscles, or, ahem, other muscles.
  • Give him a compliment!! We used to do this alllll the time when dating. When’s the last time you gave your husband a genuine compliment?!
  • Kiss the bathroom mirror with lipstick for him at the end of the night. It’ll be a fantastic flirtatious morning surprise!
  • Grab that booty girl! ~Tamara
  • Role play. Don’t know where to even start? Check these ideas out.
  • Make romantic advances with a mutual code word, like “the moon is rising”. ~Mallory
  • Leave him a note in the closet inviting him to come back to bed. ~Leah
  • Give him a tickle or a soft poke. ~Alex
  • Make “eyebrows” at him. It can be wiggling them at him or raising them as you look him over head to toe. ~Misty
  • Misty will also interrupt her hubs when he’s talking and tell him his sexiness distracted her LOL!! Or she tells him that she just can’t wait one more second for a kiss. Good one!
  • A 6 second hug is scientifically proven to create oxytocin in the brain.
  • If he offers a small peck of a kiss, tell him you weren’t done yet. ~Carly
  • Write song lyrics or flirty movie quotes on the mirror or his vehicle window (small for his eyes only). ~Sheri
  • Sheri also offers a discreet boob flash every now and then LOL! Shanna, Jennifer, and Crystal agree that this works wonders!
  • Alex slow dances sometimes. Other times she’ll make an inappropriate joke and flash her man a smile. 🙂

The Most Important Part of Flirting

This is your public service announcement… 😉 You have to remember this one thing when flirting. Be prepared to follow through!

I’ll say it again. 😉 Follow through. You are the only woman that is going to meet his most intimate need. Men are visually stimulated and many of the flirting techniques above are visual. Other definitions of flirting are teasing or toying with. That sucks! If you don’t follow through with your flirting it will seriously back fire on you and you’ll have one frustrated man! Nobody wants to be teased or toyed with. And besides, you’re not that kind of wife. You’re a truly devoted wife!!

Go have fun! You’ll be flirting it up in no time (like you’re 15 again) and building intimacy in your marriage that will last until you’re seventies.

Hug hug, kiss kiss! 😉

Lauren Monsey of Truly Devoted to Him

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wife flirting with her husband playing footsie under restaurant table. creative ideas for flirting with your husband.

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