A husband and wife embraced in attraction. But sometimes we can get into a rut. Here are ways how you as a wife can attract her husband.

How A Wife Can Attract Her Husband

If you find yourself feeling fuddy duddy and unattractive, welcome to the club! We all have our blah days. Sometimes it may just be us, an insecurity or a bad hair day. But others it may seem like even your husband looks past you, not really noticing. And if there’s one thing that can make a woman feel attractive, it’s that silly attracted grin and stare from her husband. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

So what can a wife do to feel more attractive and attract her husband?


Be aware of the expression on your face. I know, I know. This sounds so cliche. But there’s a reason for it! Science shows that smiling boosts endorphins and encourages connectedness. A smile helps even your cells reduce stress. (who knew cells stress?!) It really is contagious!

While an outside change, this one also attracts your husband because of what’s on the inside. Contentment. Positivity. A happy wife is an attractive wife. Attract your husband with your attitude. Show that optimistic attitude with a smile.


It doesn’t have to be on his physical attractiveness. Just start the cycle of complimenting. It can pave a two way street of compliments. Start speaking up on things that he attracts you with and he’ll become more aware of what qualities you have that attract him. Not only that but once he starts vocalizing them and complimenting you, there’s quite a boost in both feeling attractive and the mutual attraction.


I have a friend whose hubs loves her in a t-shirt, running shorts, and Oakley sunglasses. My man despises yoga pants. It’s no doubt everyone has different taste. And I’m definitely not saying your entire wardrobe has to be in your husbands style preferences, especially if the two of you have very different tastes in fashion. What I am saying is pay attention to what he likes on you. Try to compromise and meld the two styles into your wardrobe. Wear it more often. Shop for outfits like the ones you have that you know he is attracted to you in.

Willard Harley says that one of a man’s needs is to be attracted to his spouse. It’s not that men are shallow or materialistic. Their brains are wired differently than women and they are stimulated by more physical qualities than women are. We as wives have the power to meet that need. Knowing what your husband sees as attractive is a big step forward in attracting him.


When we feel dog tired at the end of a hard day the last thing we’re thinking about is slipping into some sexy negligee. This is the worn out woman’s trick. Wear a coordinating set of undergarments during the day and you’ll still come across super sexy as you strip down for bed. Many husbands admit watching their wife undress is one of the most attractive acts to watch.


Picture an outfit both you and your husband like. One that you feel good in and he comments on it when you wear it. Now, you have that mental picture of you in it? New picture – same outfit but without hair fixed, not a lick of makeup on, nor any jewelry. It makes a difference, huh?!

You come across as somewhat unkept because you really only got 50% ready that day. Take care of the details to finish the big picture look. Fix your hair most days, do a full face of makeup and put in some nice earrings. Those three things alone will make you feel better about the way you look. They’re also bound to catch your husband’s eye.


At least every few days and yes, even in the winter. I know it sucks. It’s not fair that they don’t have to do it too. Nobody wants to cuddle in bed with a prickly pear (my Texan is coming out). Sexy, smooth, lotioned legs are very attractive to a man. While we’re on the subject, if it’s important to your man take care of all unwanted hair. Ahem.


Remember this…your husband loves you! Recount all the wonderful memories you’ve made together and how attracted to each other you were when you were dating. True beauty comes from the inside and a good wife will guard her heart against vanity.

Don’t let this post make you feel bad about yourself. These tips are simply to get you out of that fuddy dud rut, boost your self esteem to a healthier level, and help you bounce back to attract your husband more.

Go get him girl! 😉

Lauren Monsey of Truly Devoted to Him

To get to know me better, read about me and my saved love.

marriage advice for how a wife can attract her husband and get out of the rut of feeling unattractive.
marriage advice for how a wife can attract her husband and get out of the rut of feeling unattractive.
several practical tips for you as a wife to attract your husband, boost your confidence, and reignite the attraction in marriage

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