Raindrops gather on the window. It's been a hard day but take heart. Encouragement for when God gives what we call a "Domino Day"

When God Gives You a Domino Day – Handling Those Hard, Stress Filled Days

Domino 1

I’m usually the one that wakes my Mr. up at night with my noises or moving around. But the other night God gave me the rare chance to be on the receiving end. At four thirty in the morning my husband’s dreaming woke me up. He wasn’t dreaming I was cheating or anything 😉 so we’re good! He went back to sleep.

But I couldn’t. Maybe it was the late caffeine (I know I know when will I learn?!) or maybe it was the adrenaline about going back to work that day after the past week and half off for the holidays.

Not only did I have a long break but I also had to cover for a coworker that was still out of town. I knew I was going to have a ton to do. Maybe that’s what kept me awake tossing and turning for an hour and a half until my alarm went off.

Regardless, I got up, got dressed, got coffee, and headed out the door early. The earlier I got there the earlier I could start tackling the TDL.

Domino 2

I was merging onto the highway when it sounded like I hit a bump. All of a sudden my car wouldn’t accelerate above fifteen miles per hour. In the twenty five degree weather. In the freezing mist. Great. Luckily I had left early so my man was not already at work, scrubbed in, and in a medical procedure. My knight in shining armor came to get me. Roadside assistance came for my precious minivan (I’m mid-thirties with four kids. it’s like mandatory I drive one) and we were back on track for the day.

He drives us back to the hospital. We precariously tip toe on the sidewalks and he heads off to save another life while I drive his truck to work.

Domino 3

However, I didn’t make it. Ohhhhh no, my domino day doesn’t stop there! I’m on the access road and pass someone in the ditch. Apparently that hellish ice spot had it out for me too. I end up in a field after the truck fish-tails for what seemed like nine years and jumped the curb. Thank God I didn’t hit the large wooden sign thirty feet away. I also missed the trees about sixty feet from me. Which apparently the white vehicle that was TURNED UPSIDE DOWN was not fortunate enough to miss (no one was in it). I’m gathering my wits and in that time span three others spin out on the infamous ice patch. Another one ends up off the road on the other side. Glad his shiny red truck didn’t head my way!

I can’t call my hubs though – he’s already given me his vehicle! Consequently, I call my boss. Of course he’s less than flattered. But being the Christian man that he is, he loads up and heads my way. After closing the office and sending the people who did make it (apparently MUCH more talented drivers than I) home.

Then the clouds opened up, a ray of light came down and fell upon a police officer from Abilene Christian University (shout out!!). He stops, gets out, pushes my truck (it’s a wonder he didn’t fall), and coaches my steering. I got back on the road!!! I’m pretty sure I told him that I loved him.

Finally, two hours after I left for work, I arrive safely back home. And stay there.

Domino 4

Later it’s time to go pick up my knight in shining armor from the hospital. Safe arrival. He is even delivering a sugar free cinnamon dulce! He offers to drive us to the store close to home for an RX bar nut butter. After almost twenty years together, he knows I’m an emotional eater.

He makes everything better by feeding me coffee and nut butter. Then (you knew there was another one coming, huh) when we get out of the car. That’s when my iPhone beautifully slo-mo slides out of my gloved hands and shatters on the wet pavement. And yes, everyone in the parking lot heard me swear.

That was my domino day. One thing after another. One stress filled cortisone spike after another. I know I’m not the only one. I know you’ve been there too. Every now and then they happen. to everyone.

The question is – How should we handle those domino days when things just keep going wrong?

Look for the blessings in disguise.

Had I not left early my husband would not have been able to take my phone call and come get me. Blessing. I had Roadside Assistance. Blessing. No one hit me while I was stranded on the side of the road. Blessing. We have more than one vehicle. Blessing. Our kids weren’t with us. Blessing and major sanity saver.

I did not flip when I hit the curb. Thank you God! I did not end up on the other side of the road and onto the Interstate. Blessing. I didn’t hit the sign or two trees nearby. Blessing. I was able to get back on the road and the truck wasn’t damaged. Hallelujah!

It sounds so cliche to say look for the silver lining. I don’t want to do that. I want to completely ignore the dark luminous cloud and only focus on the light. But that’s really hard when you feel worn down during a domino day, huh? So what else can we do?

Hold Tight to His Word.

Just like my husband comforted and spoiled me, our God is there to comfort us. His word is engrained on our hearts and in our minds when we regularly study and read our Bibles. Then in times of need they miraculously pop into our heads. That’s God. He is pretty cool like that.

You can also have a list of verses that you know and apply to certain circumstances in your more normal everyday life.


When nothing is coming to mind and you’re too emotionally exhausted to dig through your Bible, reach out to friends! I threw a quick pity party on Facebook (isn’t that where all my drama should go? 😉 ) and a friend quickly helped me handle the emotions with scripture that applied to my circumstance.

Facebook comment after handling a stressful hard day that shares much needed biblical wisdom and encouragement

Isn’t it hilariously wondrous how God has a verse for everything we go through in life? You’d almost thing it was written just for you specifically. 😉

Lean on Those Who Love You.

I felt insecure and like a failure after talking to my boss. My husband quickly swooped in and gave me words of affirmation that I did not cause these things. I was not speeding or driving recklessly. I was not at fault. Sometimes these things just happen.

He cooked dinner so that I could lay down. He even decided on a delectable dish that complimented my glass of dry red.

My daughter distracted me from my wallowing by teaching me a new dice game. I roasted her. All my kids laid with me on the couch during a fun little family movie night. Complete with popcorn…all over the floor. 🙂

My friend texted me to check in on me and make sure I was doing ok. She reminded me that God’s mercies are new every morning.

You have people you know you can rely on. Don’t be afraid to reach out. Accept help when you need it. The ability to do this is a sign of strength.

Recognize a Broken World

Sometimes when things are really, really hard I have to simply remind myself that this is a broken world. Sin is rampant and things are messed up. It’s not perfect. It’s not what was intended.

People have free will. Some will choose good. Some will choose evil. Things will go great. Things will break down. God gives and God takes away and at the end of an incredibly crappy day, reluctantly admitting that this world is broken makes me feel better.

Why? Because if this is a broken world that means there is something better, whole, perfect out there. And I know where that is. And that is where I’ll be one day. I’ll be home.

Thanks for listening to me go through each and every domino that fell hard. I can feel the empathy. I know you, as a true friend, have eaten chocolate on my behalf.

Think of me next time you have a domino day, ok? Remember to vocalize blessings in the middle of the storm, use the word of God for comfort, lean on those you love, and take heart that this is not your forever perfection. And feel free to reach out! Email me, message me on IG or FB. I’m always willing to listen and help in what ways I can.

Looking up,

Lauren Monsey founder of Truly Devoted to Him

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