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Today, women are busy, busy, B U S Y !!

Why a Bible Study Checklist? It seems hard enough to carve out any time for Bible reading and study, even though we know how important it is to our spiritual growth and relationship with God.

Then you do find (or make) time to sit down with your coffee and Bible. You settle in, flip open your Bible and start reading. Before you know it your mind has drifted to the schedule for the day, your long To Do List, or recalling a conversation you need to rethink through. Maybe its early in the morning and your eyelids struggle to even stay up as the words blur together.

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“Once the fact that you can study the Bible for yourself really grips you, your Christian life will take on an entirely new dimension.”

— Tim LaHaye


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Let the Bible Study Checklist guide you and get more out of your study! The Bible Study Checklist helps you stay focused. It walks you through your study time with specific steps and questions. You will better absorb the message God has for you.

Rather than getting distracted reading a section that you don’t understand, follow the Bible Study Checklist to better understand the context, sectioning, message, and application. The Bible Study Checklist is here to help you grow.

You even get reminders to pray throughout your study. Using the checklist, you’ll start and end each study time with prayer prompts.

Print the checklist in your favorite size. It comes in small or large. Use the smaller size to bookmark your Bible or print the larger size on card stock for a sturdier study tool.


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