I have them too. The days that just suck. Let me offer you some encouragement for those days.

A Letter of Encouragement for the Days You’re Feeling Discouraged – The Everyday Wonders of God

I’m assuming you have them too. The days where you wake up mad that you had to wake up. Days where the tears well up behind your eyes for any number of reasons. You’re both physically and emotionally tired. Those days when you’re stressed out, discouraged, overwhelmed, and ready to quit…everything. Tired of treading water, feeling like you’re drowning in life. You’re just plain down.

I know I’m not the only one. Which means this – you are not alone either.

Today happens to be Thanksgiving. I didn’t mean for this post to be for today. It just happened to fall in line on my editorial calendar that way. I guess God had His hand in the timing. For me. For you.

Dear friend, even in the midst of disappointment and heartache, there is so much beauty around you. I want you to notice the everyday wonders of God and be encouraged on those discouraging days. He has given many gifts for you to notice when you are exhausted and stressed. Look at the sunrise, brilliantly painted by the Creator of everything. Soak in its slate blues, lavenders, and neon pinks and oranges. It rises and sets every single day for us. Wander outside and marvel at the glorious display of who knows how many stars and planets twinkling against the black sky or the rolling storm clouds that are the purest white imaginable.

Appreciate the beauty of the sky and know that you are just as intrinsically made. In fact, the God that made the heavens and the earth sculpted you together in your mother’s womb. One DNA strand at a time, the science and anatomy of you as a unique being is jaw droppingly beautiful.

Picture a newborn’s tiny fingers, tightly curled around one finger of a parent. Remember or imagine the flood of emotion that’s involved in expanding a family. Listen to a three month old gurgle their first giggle out. How ridiculously cool it is that another human being can form and grow and develop inside the womb the way babies do?! How amazing is it that the corners of our mouths curl upward and a jubilant sound bursts forth, even after only a few months alive on this planet?!

Look into somebody’s eyes and notice the multitude of colors within that quarter of an inch circle. Even if today sucks, life is a marvelous, beautiful miracle. Look at the little sparrows in their petite form and fluffiness. Their precious little hop as they diligently search the ground for food. Then notice their flutter as they take flight to wherever they will. Look and wonder at the everyday miracle of life.

Envelope yourself in His peace. Deeply breathe in oxygen. He has given you that. Recognize that simple act as a miracle. Thank Him for the day, the air, the sun, the life, the love that is available. There are wonders of God everyday and all around us. I just have to remember that when I’m down is the best time to see them all.

God gives them to me especially on the days when I’m tired and worn. Maybe even the crisp breeze blowing through my hair and drying the streams on my face is a gift from the God that loves me. I simply have to stop and recognize. Equally, I simply have to take time to soak in His love.

So be encouraged. You are precious. Yes, life on this earth is and will continue to be a struggle. But within this broken world there are everyday wonders of God to invoke awe and wonder. I hope you see them. I hope you feel the love in them. It is a love so deep and desperately calling out to you beloved one.

I can’t explain it but there’s a swelling in my soul to be there for you. I love you friend. So hang in there.

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A letter of encouragement from me to you. Soaking in the everyday wonders of God when you're discouraged and stressed.

I made these bible verse cards to help through the minor, day to day happenings. I thought you might enjoy them as well. 🙂

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