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Creative Ideas for Date Night

Same Ole Date?

If you’ve read any of my posts, you know my Mr. and I are not your average, ordinary couple (you can read more about us here and here). I’m a bit of a hippie and a designer. He’s a comic fanatic and musician. But after almost 20 years together, we can tend to sink into being average and ordinary when it comes to our dates. Don’t get me wrong, we still have lots of fun enjoying each other at dinner and a movie. We do enjoy some other, more creative dates though too!

And believe it or not, but we’re also very different so coming up with something that we’ll both look forward to and enjoy takes some effort. Below you’ll find our list of creative date nights. Enjoy!

1. Netflix & Take Out “Picnic”

This started by accident when we got Chinese one night and spread a blanket in the living room floor in front of Frankie & Alice. It’s been one of my favorite ideas ever since. Grab takeout or order delivery, make a pallet in front of the tv, browse Netflix, and enjoy a home picnic date night!

2. Early Saturday AM Coffee & the Farmer’s Market

Ok, this is not technically a date night. It can also be hard to get up if you have the once in a blue moon chance to sleep in on a Saturday morning. But once you go on this date you won’t regret it! The crisp air does something to your soul and who doesn’t love a coffee date with their man?! Plus, the practical side  of me (ok, yeah, that’s all of me) loves that you’re knocking out some grocery shopping and supporting local businesses. Win, win, win!

3. Deal Shopping

Now remember, we have 4 kids, so anytime without kids is considered a date in our books LOL! But we love to go wander Target, Big Lots (they carry La Croix!), and the smaller grocery stores in the area looking for deals. Scoring a great deal is super exciting! PS – this helps you learn your grocery prices. Another practical plus!

4. The Restaurant Where “Everybody Knows Your Name”

You might not remember the series “Cheers” and in that case you couldn’t sing that as you read it. It’s ok – we can still be friends. Still, having a restaurant where you’re recognized as a regular is SO much fun! It’s different from going out to eat at a random restaurant. You almost feel like you have celebrity status when you walk through the door. It puts a smile on both of your faces. πŸ™‚ Choose a fav restaurant and make it your go-to. Get to know the owner and staff. 

5. Wine & Jazz

I will never, ever forget the first time we had this date at home. My love surprised me with soft jazz playing on the back patio. He had the wine already poured, the lights dimmed for a romantic ambience, and we slow danced bare foot in the grass. Best. at-home. date. evah.

Ok enough already! Stop reading and start planning one of these dates for the two of you!! πŸ˜‰ Orrrrr comment below with your favorite creative dates so my Mr. and I can have some new ideas too! πŸ™‚

Ciao friend!

Lauren Monsey of Truly Devoted to Him

To get to know me better, read about me & my saved love.

After years together, a husband and wife can fall into the rut of the same ole' same ole' date ideas. Use these 5 creative date night ideas to have fun together and try something new

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