things to do as a couple when you're both bored

Boredom Busters for Couples: A List of Things to Do When You’re Both Alarmingly Bored Out of Your Mind

Ugh! You’re bored

Ever end up sitting at home on a random night, you’re both just kind of bored, doing your own thing and in that moment you can’t really think of anything else to do? I feel like those moments are few and far between but when they hit, UGH! I’m soooo bored! I’m not very good at just sitting and chilling I’ll be upfront and honest when I tell you that I’m kiiinda obsessed with being productive (one of the reasons I’m not a TV fan). So if you’re bored…and he’s bored…you probably don’t have any good ideas of things to do (hello, otherwise you’d be doing them, right?!). That’s why you need this list of things to do as a couple when you’re both bored! Come on Pinterest! Kids aren’t the only ones who need Boredom Busters!

Side note – it’s important that BOTH of you are bored. If you’re bored and he’s in the middle of something he’s enjoying and you try to get him to do something else, then you’re just nagging. What’re those memes? “This is Lauren. She’s a nag. Don’t be like Lauren.” Ok!!! Back to busting boredom!

Boredom Busters Couples Bucket List boredom busters things to do as a couple when you're bored
Create a bucket list for each decade of life together.

Grab a notebook or pad and pen (no not your phone) and head to the nearest park or coffee shop. Start in the decade you’re currently in. It can be hard to get going. Start with small things you’d like to do before you hit the next big #-0 birthday and then start dreaming! No holds barred! The sky’s the limit! unless outer space travel is on there…ok, NO limits! What do you dream about doing when you have no limits?! This is so much fun because you’ll learn about your Mr.’s craziest dreams. Also, you’ll probably end up with some stuff on there that you’ll actually start working to accomplish.

Dreaming at Lowe’s.

If you’re a homeowner, take same notebook to Lowes. Ok, maybe your phone works better for this one if you just snap pictures of ideas and prices. Don’t worry about having measurements though. Again, this is to kill boredom and dream, not fill a honey do list. Make sure he knows that too. No man wants to be drug around the home improvement store with a list of crap that’s wrong with the house he works hard to pay for and manual labor for him to do. I have to be careful to intentionally let him dream. Let him lead if he actually wants to budget out and plan a project. You have to be on the same page (where communication comes into play). Walk around and look at all the ideas that you’d like for your current dream home.

Things we’ve never done… Yet.

Jack Canfield once taught a GT seminar that stuck in my preteen brain forever. It fed my list love. It was about goal setting and creating 3 lists. I want to do, I want to be, and I want to have. Starting one of your own is great but having one as a couple will help you learn more about each other, bring your closer, and put you on the same page towards accomplishing some really amazing goals together in life. Then you break each one down into steps to achieve that goal and voila! You have a whole new list of boredom busters.

Never Underestimate the power of a YouTube lesson

This is kind of an extension off of the “things we’ve never done yet” idea but once you have a list of stuff to do start YouTubing that mug! Learn to do something you both want to do. Dancing, strip teasing (ohhh!), basics of a foreign language, painting, building something, writing code, airbrushing, playing a new instrument, karate. The possibilities are really endless. YouTube has EV’RY-thing! LOL!

Keep a running TDL

Yeah, I know, not that fun but it’ll kick boredom out the door. Here are some examples of what’s on mine; yard work, TED Talks/documentaries, scrubbing the walls with magic eraser, organizing the shared walk in closet, clean out the car. Anytime there’s a project the two of you agree needs to be done but isn’t urgent and important you write it down on the running TDL. Then when you’re both bored, tackle one.

Have a favorite hang out that’s boredom default.

Whether people watching at the airport, window shopping the mall, rummaging through Goodwills and flea markets, or a trail at the local park, in the indecisive, can’t think of anything to do boredom, let’s have a “default”. You’re bored? He’s bored? Grab the keys and head to the default! Getting out of the house kills boredom pretty fast!

boredom busters things to do as a couple when you're bored when you're bored as a couple why not play your husband's favorite video game
Do your husband’s favorite thing with him.

No, not sex (although that’s a good boredom buster too!). Willard Harley talks about the need of a husband to have a recreational partner in his best selling book His Needs, Her Needs. Having fun together, playing together strengthens a marriage.

My Mr.’s would definitely be video games.  Now this is a reach for me because I’m not a big fan of TV but I do it because putting the shoe on the other foot I love when he engages in something that I love to do. I can honestly say some of the most memorable fun times we’ve had have been playing together. Some Sonic video game about beans, racing cows and shooting tanks together on the Wii. I have even fought alongside him in the Call of Duty. 😉

Think about your hub’s favorite recreational activity. Is it a sport, grilling, hunting (is that a sport?), restoring old cars? Study up on it a little bit, be there with him during it, and watch him enjoy sharing it with you and teaching you all the ins and outs. It’s wise to realize before going into this that there’s a learning curve/process so don’t give up if he gets a little frustrated at times. “SHOOT THE ENEMY, LAUREN!!!” 😉

Bust It

Why is it so hard to think of something to do when you get into that bored mood?! Well, now you don’t have to try! Pick one of these seven boredom busters and bust it…together as a couple! Can’t wait to hear the stories of you dreaming together, learning new things together, and busting boredom together. Comment below!

Until next time friend!

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Rock, Paper, Scissors! Boredom busters for married couples when you're both alarmingly bored outta your minds.

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