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Compliments To Give a Guy

Let’s admit it, we all like our ego stroked a bit. Think back to a time when someone gave you a compliment that made you feel good. It doesn’t take long for a memory to pop up, huh? That’s because we all like to hear that we’re doing something well – whether it’s a new haircut someone loves, a conquered feat, or your blessings being recognized by some stranger (“Your children are absolutely gorgeous!). Compliments from anyone make you smile and feel good about yourself. It’s just how we’re wired!

Guess what?! Your husband likes to hear a compliment too! Compliments are giving praise and admiration. Men want to know that they’re doing things right. Giving his performance verbal recognition is a great way to compliment your man. Complimenting his physical appearance lets him know that you still find them attractive. There are many, many ways to compliment your husband and boost his self esteem.

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15 Compliments for your husband

  1. Your hands are amazing.
    • What talents does he have with his hands? What work do they do? How do they make you feel good? Elaborate on this one!
  2. They are lucky to have your intelligence and capability at work.
  3. Thank you for leading me/loving me well.
  4. You mean the world to me.
  5. I love your laugh! It’s the best!
  6. You lookin mighty fine today in that… fill in the blank.
  7. Thank you for stepping up and being such a dedicated husband.
  8. “You hunk of burning who!”
    • Have movies you both know and love? Take some lines from them and use them as compliments! This one’s from The Grinch with Jim Carrey.
  9. Speaking of movie quotes… “I like your fisherman muscles” -50 First Dates with Adam Sandler
  10. “We stiiiiiiill together” -In Living Color (a hilarious skit where an older senile couple make pathetic attempts to off each other)
  11. You work harder than any man I know. Thank you for providing for us!
  12. You’re an amazing lover, you know it?
  13. You always know how to fix things!
  14. You look so sexy first thing in the morning
    • No sarcasm here Gertrude! Find something that’s sexy – tousled hair, tight briefs, that smoky look in his sleepy eyes. If he thinks you’re being sarcastic this backfires as emasculating.
  15. You know, not many men as talented at …fill in the blank… You’re just a natural.

Our words are amazingly powerful. Wives can build a man up or tear him down with them. Married men crave affirming words from their wives. They mean more to him than any colleague or buddy. So give some of these compliments to your guy and watch his face light up in a smile and his demeanor perk up instantly!

You’re doing a great job! (see what I did there?) 😉

Lauren Monsey of Truly Devoted to Him

P.S. What compliments do you give your husband? Comment below!

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