Christmas Present Ideas for Husband A Gift Guide to buying for Men

A Few of His Favorite Things; A Gift Guide to Christmas Presents for Your Husband

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! So are you starting to wonder what on Earth to do for Christmas for your husband?! Maybe you’re one of those wives who speak love through gift giving. Or in contrast you’re like me and feel like you just totally suck at it lol! Honestly I’m more of a physical touch/words of affirmation kinda girl. Want me to hold your hand and tell you how awesome you are? I gotcha! 😉

However, my man’s love language is gift giving which means I really have to step up my game! I’ve learned a few things about improving my gift giving skills from Pinterest, from Gary Chapman (author of 5 Love Languages), and from my man himself.

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So if you’re stuck, you’re in the right place! Here are some successful, memorable gift ideas that have worked wonderfully for me when it comes to that achieving that big grin on my man’s face. Pick one, tweak it to your husband’s personality, and mark it off your holiday To Do List knowing you’re all set for that big, satisfied smile! I expect a thank you Christmas card by the way…

For His Five Senses

Five Senses Gift Idea for Husband - Taste, Touch, Hear, See, and Smell Presents

First, purchase a small or large gift for each of the five senses. See the idea lists below. Than wrap them in uniform gift wrap with a tag that labels its sense. These always come out super cute!


  • a case of his favorite drink
  • a fancy bottle of liquor or wine
  • a mixed 6 pack of craft beer
  • a gift box of sausages and cheese
  • multiples of his favorite candy bars


  • new panties or lingerie for you (my vote)
  • new shoes for work or houseshoes
  • leather steering wheel or seat covers
  • new underwear (seriously though, he’ll like some for you better)
  • a back scratcher or massager


  • cologne
  • bodywash
  • air freshener for his vehicle
  • collection of aromatic cigars


  • movie tickets
  • concert tickets
  • a book by his favorite author


  • concert tickets
  • subscription to Amazon Music or YouTube Premium
  • a bluetooth speaker
  • Beats (or $5 Walmart earbuds – hey, they’re not all that picky about ’em)
  • CD for his car

Loaded Wallet

Learn to truly speak his love language through gift giving

First, buy him a nice new wallet. Be sure it has the little plastic photo piece.

Next, print and fill with favorite pictures of the two of you, the baby, the dog. Purchase gift cards to his favorite restaurants and fast food shops and put them in the credit card slots. For the cash section of his new wallet, you have several options. One, cash. Duh. Two, make those cheesy but oh so fun diy coupons for back rubs, guys night out, sex, etc. Or three, movie or concert tickets.

Lastly, load the wallet back into its original box and wrap it in a wrapping paper that’s his favorite childhood character for fun. My hubs really enjoyed this one and I think yours will too. He’ll think it’s just a wallet but you’ll have taken care of all those extra little details that make it mean so much more.

Twelve Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas Gifts for Husband

One gift for each day the twelve days leading up to Christmas. Think about your husband’s favorite things:

  1. Sport – new workout clothes or shoes, basketball, baseball, tennis supplies, football jersey, game tickets
  2. Hobby – books, video games/accessories, hunting equipment, grilling tools, paints, sculpting tools, woodworking tools, fishing lures, top of the line dog leash (for his fav pooch), poker set, personalized playing cards, new instrument
  3. Food & Drink – collection of various hot sauces, Jones soda, dinner at his favorite restaurant (blindfold him and drive there), dessert, homemade dinner (wrap the ingredients and then cook for him), personalized Yeti, flavored coffee
  4. Favorite lady – all it takes is a ribbon 😉
  5. Tech – online streaming subscription, earbuds/AirPods, bluetooth speaker, shower speaker, cordless charging station, funny thumb drive, laptop case, phone case, Nest thermostat
  6. Practical responsibility – gloves, toolbox, ties and dress socks, multipurpose hand tool (like a Swiss Army knife), whatever he messes with the most around the house.
  7. Sentiment – something that he loved from childhood; superhero action figure, cartoon collection, stuffed animal, something special from the beginning of your relationship, a pupper
  8. Clothing or accessory – graphic tee from his favorite movie, new sunglasses, ball cap,
  9. Toiletry – cologne, shaving soap, fancy back or facial razor, lotion, body wash, hair styling product, essential oil – just something that he doesn’t buy every grocery trip
  10. Movie – tickets, DVD, special documentary on one of his favorite movies, his favorite TV series
  11. Bedroom hobby – a position that’s not your fav but you know he likes (it’ll be that much more appreciated), a kinky bedroom card game, a copy of the Kamasutra, a fancy massage oil
  12. Pampering – pedicure, back rub, trip for drinks, time at the courts or deer lease, massager

Some of these ideas you cringed at and know your man would wonder what the crap got into your head. Some of these were exactly what you were wanting to give but didn’t even know yet! Take some time, make a list of all your Mr.’s favorites and surprise him once a day with something you know he’ll love!

Bonding Experiences

group of volunteers in blue shirts smiling in selfie photo

Lastly, I’m just gonna throw this one out there too. I think it’s friggin awesome for a couple to do a holiday service project together. I can’t wait to do one with my man this season. Whether it’s working the local homeless shelter, filling an Operation Christmas Child box, supporting a third world country with gift purchases (noon day, heifer project, made with love, etc), or shopping for an Angel off the local children’s home Christmas tree. Whatever! It’s important to celebrate this Christmas by giving to those who need it most because He gave His only son when we needed to be saved.

A gift guide to Christmas presents for your husband.

Now you indeed have a ton of gift ideas for your hubs this season! From gifts that’ll please all his senses to service projects that bond you closer together, I hope your man is blown away by the thought, creativity, and effort that we you put into his Christmas present. 😉

Much love & happy holidays friend!

Lauren of Truly Devoted to him sign off and circular photo

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