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How to Deal: Tips for Young Wives on Dealing with the In-Laws in Marriage

Dealing with In-Laws in Marriage

Married to the In-Laws? There are horror stories and movies made about dealing with in-laws (Jane Fonda anyone?). I mention all the time how things are not going to be easy when two imperfect people try to live their forever together. More often than not, you are sharing MORE than just THEIR forever. You’re sharing …

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Giving Grace and understanding to a grumpy husband during frustration

Giving Grace to Grumpy

Giving His Grumpy Some Grace My man was….GRUMMM-PY…He’d had a hard day of work at the hospital, hadn’t eaten all day, came home to a messy house because the kids are home for the summer, and not only did they make a mess but they also broke my $70 digital drawing pen fighting over whose …

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recent epic fail lessons

A Recent Fail

I take pride in what I do and want to be good at it. You’re probably the same. Nobody likes to fail, right? I’ve been a graphic designer now for about a decade. My hubs likes to put together his own comic covers and then bind his favorite series in the custom covers. I use …

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