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Are You a Hot Mess?! Why That’s Ok…and Can Even Be a Good Thing

I’m a Hot Mess!

It’s been a crappy day at work with multiple phone calls of complaints about a product. I’ve been given a last minute design project that’s pretty important for a meeting and has a rush deadline. I get that tight feeling in my chest, mutter some not so nice words, and snap at several of my loved ones after I get home. My sunglasses even fall apart right on my face. 🙁 I’m just a hot mess!

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Do you ever have those? Surely not, right? When I look at everyone else they seem to have it all together, speak all the right words and live each day holy and proper without whining and look cute to boot. Sound familiar?

Hot Mess? It’s a Reminder

Days when I’m a hot mess are hard. It reminds me how far I have to go in this life. Sanctification is a lifelong process and the process won’t be completed until we graduate from Earth to heaven. What is sanctification? It’s the process of being made holy. Just like you’ve grown and matured over the past few years, you’ll continue to grow and mature for the rest of your entire life. Let’s not ever get tricked into thinking we’ve got it all together.

It reminds me too how far I’ve come. This level of frustration and irritability use to happen way more often in my past. Somehow, by the grace of God, I don’t snap at my kids as often as I used to. I’m able to rationalize my husband’s attitude a bit better rather than just react to it. I’m thankful I’m not a hot mess 24/7 anymore. Soooo thankful! 😉

It also reminds me of this – most importantly, I need Jesus. There is no way I can ever be what I want to be; what I’m meant to be without Him working in my life. So, in hindsight, I’m thankful for the days that I am a hot mess. And in the middle of my hot mess, I can remind myself that I will get through this and be even be thankful for it later. That helps me embrace them (only ever so slightly) and struggle through them and survive them and become stronger because of them.

Hot Mess? It Gives Credit

I am ok with being an open book about being a hot mess. Number one – I know my brokenness gives testimony to the goodness of my God. My, umm, stuff, would be all over the fan if it wasn’t for Him constantly calling to me, pulling me closer to Him, and changing my heart and mind. Trust me.


Letting others see that change from hot mess to functioning woman is proof that God is almighty and steadfast in his love. You don’t have to and aren’t supposed to have it all together. It’s okay to be a hot mess! There are many examples from people in the Bible. Look at what hot messes they were!!

Hot Mess too? We’re Not the Only Ones

  • Jacob was a liar. He lied to his dying blind father to steal his older brother’s (the firstborn) blessing. However, God used him and he was established as the father of the 12 tribes of Israel.
  • Noah was considered the only righteous man in the world but also got drunk and passed out naked and cursed his son for telling er’rybody.
  • Leah was considered ugly compared to her younger, beautiful sister. Her dad actually disguised her as the other sister in order to get her married off! Ouch. But you know what? God used Leah to start a family and King David and Christ himself were branched out of her family tree.
  • Moses got angry and murdered an Egyptian that was whipping a slave. He ran away and hid in the wilderness. Out of all the Israelites, God spoke directly to Moses, called him out of the wilderness, and used him to lead the Israelites out of slavery.
  • Peter was an uneducated rough neck fisherman who struggled with a temper. He even sliced off the ear of the high priest’s servant when they tried to arrest Jesus. What did God do with that? He chose Peter to spread the gospel to the nations. Peter was the first to ever proclaim Jesus as Lord to a gentile.
  • Gideon was so scared of the enemies around him, he threshed his wheat hiding in a winepress. Wheat is threshed out in the open field so that the chaff is blown away and the heavy wheat stays. An angel appeared to him while he was hiding! God called Gideon to lead an army and defeat the enemy!
  • Samson was a womanizer who liked to look at the ladies and even married two of the Philistines, the enemy of Israel. God didn’t let that stop His plan. He used Samson to defeat the Philistines.
  • Rahab was a prostitute and foreigner. She saved Joshua and Caleb from being found and killed. She’s also an ancestor of Christ himself. 🙂
  • A crazy woman is chasing down Elijah and he just wants to give up and die. But he was also an instrument of God that performed many miracles, including resurrection, and is the only prophet to ever go to heaven before death.
  • David spied on a naked woman, called her to his house and slept with her, and had her husband (his best friend) murdered so they could marry. The Bible says David is known as a man after God’s own heart.
  • Thomas doubted the resurrection of Jesus until he could see it for himself and actually touch where the nails had pierced the Savior.
  • Naomi had left the land of the people to live among godless people and lost both sons and her husband.
  • Martha was anal about the house and worried too much.
  • Lazarus was dead y’all. D-E-A-D.

free printable - are you too messed up for god to use because God can qualify anyone and use people for his glory

God Will Use a Hot Mess

God used Thomas to spread the gospel across the nations. He used Naomi to lead Ruth to Himself and she became the great, great grandmother of Jesus. Martha was a close friend of Christ. Friend, if God can use a DEAD GUY for the glory of His name, He can use a hot mess like me…and you! Don’t let the enemy whisper in your ear that you’re useless. You are a beloved daughter of the King and an amazing soul that He can use to spread His love and majesty!!

Remember, hot mess, His grace is sufficient for you, His power made perfect in your weakness. You are beautiful. So boast about being a hot mess and boast about God using it. 😉

Psst – want some bible verses that you can use during those everyday life situations…like getting cut off in traffic? Download these scripture cards & post them where you see them throughout your day.

Hang in there friend!

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hot mess woman - are you a hot mess? guess what? you are not alone!! even better yet, being a hot mess can be a good thing. read here to find out how
hot mess woman - are you a hot mess? guess what? you are not alone!! even better yet, being a hot mess can be a good thing. read here to find out how

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