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Hey there! I'm Lauren.

Thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about me.

Our love story isn’t typical. Neither are our results.

But then again, who wants to settle for typical? You know as well as I do that relationships are hard and most typical marriages don’t last. We also know that there is a TON of hope & insight found in God’s word that we can connect to our marriages. My mission is to help you grow in these two relationships with time in bible study and practical, proven tips for living life as a follower and wife.

A Broken Beginning

Two teen parents together at high school graduation with baby girl

At 15, I fell hard, admittedly like most teen girls do. I was completely infatuated with this carefree, rebellious kid. He radiated swag and had the best open mouth smile I’d ever seen. Later this year, he will have been mine for two decades. As an only child surviving a divorce and in a new school I steamrolled into rebellion with this intelligent, talented, yet also broken soul. We intentionally started our own family when we were just 16. We unintentionally (unfortunately stubborn minds can have deaf ears) paved a very hard road for ourselves. Alienating and isolating ourselves cost us most of our friends. We lied and snuck around to be together. That produced a (rightful) loss of trust from family. Even though we were so crazy about each other, we fought relentlessly.

Somehow, though, as we struggled through heartbreak after heartbreak we have learned how to communicate, compromise, and commit our lives to each other day after day. When we were 21, we were baptized together. I never imagined that our teenage infatuation could grow into this kind of mature, truly devoted love that is so incredibly hard to describe in words.

Growth & Devotion

It is entirely by the radical grace of God that caught our lost, yearning hearts that we are here now…a healthy, functioning family of 6. It is for the glory of God that I’d love to share the lessons I have learned over the years with you…how I’ve grown to be (truly) devoted to my Mr. & my Maker.

I will be the first to tell you that I am imperfect. I make mistakes. Like, a LOT of them! Being a wife is hard! Being a believer in this world is hard! I think we can all agree though that what the world needs now is love (if you sang that, we’re already friends). Be my guest – spend some more time here and get to know me. Most of all, be encouraged. For a little bit more about my saved love and testimony, head on over here.

Other than arm candy to my Mr. 😉 , dreadhead, and mom of four, I am a graphic designer by trade while my hobbies include natural and radical living, health and fitness, and photography. I prefer cats. A good red wine makes me happy.

I’d love to know – What’s your truly devoted love story??

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