wife goals for marriage to be an awesome wife and foster a happy marriage

A – Z Goals For Being an Awesome Wife

You love your man! You want to be a loving woman who meets his needs and makes him happy. Marriage can be hard though!! Here are goals to be an awesome wife to your man, all the way from A to Z! Make your marriage a fun, fulfilling, people-around-you-notice kind of marriage!


Apologize for your mistakes. Accept his apologies.

B – Be a Listening Ear

It’s a sign that you’re a supportive wife.

C – Compliment Him

Husbands have insecurities too. Boost his confidence!

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D – Ditch Distractions

Prioritize each other over others.

E – Express Your Admiration

This speaks respect to him, one of a man’s greatest needs!

F – Flirt with Him

Remember to flirt like you did when you were dating.

G – Get in Bed Together at Night

This makes for great quality time – sex or not!

H – Have More Sex

Speaking of… a great wife goal. It doesn’t just benefit him. You can enjoy it too! Check out tolovehonorandvacuum.com

I – Initiate Intimacy

He’ll be thrilled when you actually take the lead and initiate with him!

J – Join Him in Activities He Considers Fun

Research shows your husband wants you to be his recreational companion.

K – Kiss Him Goodbye

A wonderful, often overlooked habit for a wife.

L – Laugh with Him

Loosen up. Laugh. He’ll love the lightheartedness. It doesn’t always have to be serious, right?

M – Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary

Make it peaceful. Ideas include candles and low lighting. Make your bed every morning. Display decor that speaks his personality. Keep it clean.

N – Negotiate

When compromise doesn’t work, offer to negotiate. When compromising you find a solution that neither of you preferred but both agree to as a solution. Negotiating is giving something up to get a piece of what you want and both spouses participate.

O – Offer to Run an Errand for Him

You’ll be his sexy secretary. He’ll feel so important!

P – “Please” and “Thank You”

They always go a long way…with anyone. 😉

Q – Quit Nagging

It won’t make him do something when or how you want him to. It will make him resent you.

R – Respect his Advice

Men are wired to conquer and solve problems. Taking his counsel and insight seriously and saying thank you shows major respect.

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S – Speak His Love Language

You can take this quiz to figure out what your love languages are. Then speak his often.

T – Thank Him

Thank him for working hard, providing financially for your family, being good to your mother. Thank him even for all the little things.

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U – Understand Him

Make it a goal to continually study and learn him, his world, and everything about him. Dive more into making love maps.

V – Volunteer to Do Things on His TDL

Respect can also be defined as being kind and helpful. A husband desperately needs respect.

W – Wink at Him when You Catch his Eye

This works especially well in a crowd 😉

X – X-rated Dance Moves

This should not be done in a crowd. Dance with/for your man. He’ll love it!

Y – Yes! Say it Often

A good goal to make an awesome wife – be aware of how often you’re positive and say yes versus in a negative mood saying no.

Z – Zero Electronics in Bed

Even if he’s on one, have a zero electronics goal when in bed with him. It’s really just a distraction.

Why Wife Goals

It’s the wife that makes tha’ marriage! Hahaha, just kidding!! It is true though that each spouse can only control their own attitude and actions. Hard cold fact? We can’t change other people. This crazy thing happens when a wife steps up and makes some goals for her part of the relationship though. When a woman is working to meet her husband’s needs it motivates the husband do things for her as well! So work on some of these wife goals along with me. Let the motivation be an awesome marriage with your man!



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