Couple in love sitting on the pier, their hands shaped in heart. 30 different ways to tell your husband I love you

30 Different Ways to Say I Love You

In today’s society we love tacos, Starbucks, and air conditioning. Well maybe that’s mainly Texas. But don’t you agree? We tell our family, our friends, our pets, and our baristas that we love them and any inanimate object they give us that brings us joy. The word love is extravagantly overused. Which means it really tends to lose its potency, doesn’t it? If we love everything, do we really love anything?

However, we can say for certain that we as wives love our husbands. So we want to be able to tell them that. We want to verbalize it. Therefore sometimes we have to admit we are desensitized to the word and get creative with other ways to truly convey our heartfelt emotions toward the man we live life intimately with.

Here are some creative ways to say “I love you”. Some are light-hearted and fun-loving. Some are passionate and deep. Some are even movie quotes. Use whichever fit your personality & current mood. 😉 Love you! Enjoy! 😉

  1. I cherish you
  2. I’m so glad you’re mine
  3. I am so in love with you
  4. You have no idea how much I love you
  5. I love your face
  6. Thank you for being all mine
  7. I love the way you love me
  8. I’m enamored
  9. You are my one and only
  10. Thank you for loving me well
  11. You are my biggest blessing
  12. There is no one on Earth I would rather live life with
  13. You are my #1 favorite human
  14. “Olive juice” mouthed (looks like “I love you”)
  15. You are my most important
  16. Always & Forever
  17. I got you babe
  18. I see you (for the Avatar fans)
  19. You are my beloved
  20. You mean the world to me
  21. I cannot imagine looking into anyone else’s eyes when I wake up in the mornings
  22. I love your everything
  23. All I wanna do is grow old with you (thank you Adam Sandler [The Wedding Singer])
  24. Having you as mine proves God’s goodness
  25. Love you for life
  26. I am completely attached to you
  27. I love you more than anything on this planet
  28. I love you more than (your favorite thing on the planet)
  29. You have captivated my heart
  30. LAWV me. He LAWV me. (Minnie Driver in The Phantom of the Opera)

Awwww, can’t you feel the love?! But really, next time you want your husband to know that you love LOVE him grab one of these different ways of saying it. Saying I love you in a unique, individual way will let him know he means more to you. More to you than espresso, comfortable stilettos, power naps, and Le Pens.

And, on another note, how could we say we love Le Pens without using the word love?!

Until next time,

Lauren Monsey of Truly Devoted to Him

I’ve been his since I was 15. To get to know me better, read about me & my saved love.

Different ways to say I love you. This couple says I love you with hands together in shape of heart.

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